Payment and Deposit

Wenn to pay

We ask you to pay the rent in two parts:
Within 7 days after the reservation: 50% of the rental fee (excl. deposit) as confirmation.
The other 50% you have to pay 4 weeks prior to your rental period.
We only accept payment by bank or cash (no credit cards).

Bankdetails are:
IBAN:  NL35INGB0006083618
You can also find our bankdetails on the reservation invoice.


As a deposit we ask for a payment of 1.000 euros.
This is in case of damage or extra kilometers.
Payment of the deposit is not possible with credit card.
It can be done by bank or by bankcard or cash on pickup of the motorhome.
Make sure that your bankcard is accepted in Europe and that your limit is high enough.

If everything is ok when returning the motorhome, you can get back the deposit immediately (depending of your payment method).
In case of damage, it can take some time before we can pay you the deposit back.
First the damage amount must be calculated and this can take some time.



The insurance excess (deductible) on our motorhomes is € 1000,00 per incident (see our Terms and Conditions).
This means if the vehicle is damaged while rented by you, you will be liable for either the cost of repairs, or up to the amount of the insurance excess.

Enjoy worry free rental by including our optional Reduce Decutible.