Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Noorderzon Campers

Version 2.1 dated December 7, 2014

Article 1 Definitions
Noorderzon Campers: Motorhome rental company. Chamber of commerce number: 51879875
Motorhome owner: Owns the motorhome offered by Noorderzon Campers.

Article 2 General
1. A rental agreement is concluded between hirer and motorhome owner. Noorderzon Campers provides only
mediation unless Noorderzon Campers owns the camper.

Article 3 Offers, prices, deposit and payment
1. If a motorhome is rented by several persons, all hirer are jointly and severally liable.
2. The deposit will be refunded within 10 working days after returning the motorhome, unless there are costs or damages. In case of damage, the refund may take longer.

Article 4 Cancellation
1. Cancellation by the hirer must be made by registered letter or email with acknowledgment of receipt.
2. If canceled, the hirer still have to pay Noorderzon Campers:
– 10% of the rent until 10 weeks before the start of the rental period
– 50% of the rent up to 6 weeks before the start of the rental period
– 90% of the rent within six weeks before the start of the rental period
3. Early return of the motorhome will never lead to a reduction of the rent.
4. If, for whatever reason, the motorhome owner is unable to supply the motorhome to the hirer,
the motorhome owner has the right to offer a similar motorhome within 24 hours. Also, the motorhome owner may
lease dissolve without the intervention of a judge.

Article 5 Obligations motorhome owner and / or Noorderzon Campers
1. Motorhome owner or Noorderzon Campers ensures that the motorhome on the agreed departure date is checked on cleaning, tire pressure, lights, oil level, documents and full fuel tank.
2. The motorhome owner has arranged a full comprehensive (all risk) insurance for the motorhome, including roadside assistance insurance.

Article 6 Use of the motorhome
1. The hirer is careful with the motorhome and makes sure that it is used only as intended by the manufacturer
and the motorhome owner.
2. It is prohibited to use the motorhome so that damage to the motorhome may occur or so that the interests
of the motorhome owner may be harmed.
3. It is not allowed to go with the motorhome to winter sports areas, leave pets in the motorhome and smoke in the
motorhome, unless this is if agreed in writing on the reservation confirmation / invoice.
4. All fluids (eg engine oil and coolant) and tire pressure should be checked by the hirer to the required level.
5. The use of bio-diesel is not permitted.
6. During the rental period, the cost associated with the use of the motorhome (eg. Tolls and costs
fuel, fines, punctures, cleaning and parking) is on ​​behalf of the hirer.
7. Each driver of the motor must be at least 24 years old, three years in the possession of an appropriate driving license and a copy of the drive license must be provided to Noorderzon Campers.
8. The motorhome may only be used in the countries listed on the green insurance card.
9. The motorhome is given only to the hirer if the original passport or identity card is shown on departure.

Article 7 Return
1. The motorhome should be returned in its original state.
2. Hirer takes care for a full tank of fuel,  and empty (waste) water tanks and a clean and empty toilet cassette.
3. Hirer ensures that the motorhome is clean on the inside, unless otherwise agreed. If the hirer fails to comply with points 2 and 3, additional costs may be charged.
4. Returning the motorhome at a different time than agreed is only possible in consultation with Noorderzon Campers or motorhome owner.
5. If the motorhome has not been returned on time, the motorhome owner has the right to take the motorhome immediately. The fee for late return is € 250, – per day. A part of a day is considered a full day.

Article 8 Liability hirer
1. When picking up the motorhome a description of the existing dames is made.
2. The hirer is liable for all damage to the motorhome that has occurred during the rental period, including hail damage and natural disasters with a maximum of € 1.000, – per incident.
3. The deductible is € 1.000, -per damage / incident, unless:
– The damage has occurred because something has happened in breach of these terms and conditions;
– Damage caused by freezing;
– The damage was caused by loss of the motorhome where hirer cannot return all keys and of the motorhome.
In these cases, the hirer is liable for the whole damage, even if it is higher than 1,000 euros.
4. If the damage can be fully related to a third party, it will not apply to the hirers deductible.
5. In case of damage or a technical fault, the cost of repatriation of the motorhome is for the motorhome owner,
unless something has happened contrary to paragraph 3 of this article.

Article 9 Damages, costs and repairs
1. If damage has occurred or is likely to occur, then the hirer should do:
– Contact motorhome owner immediately by telephone and follow the instructions of the motorhome owner and
possibly the local police.
– Protect the motorhome againt the risk of damge or loss, when the motorhome should be left;
– Motorhome owner give all requested assistance in obtaining third party damages or for the defense
against third party claims.
2. In case of damage or malfunction of the motorhome, the motorhome must not be used when there is the possibility of aggravation of the damage / malfunction, or reducing road safety.
3. All repairs to the motorhome may only be performed by an authorized garage, preferably a dealer
the brand of the car part. All repairs to the motor section may only be performed by specialists.
4. Necessary repairs to the camper to € 100, – can be carried out without the approval of the motorhome owner.
Repairs over an amount of € 100, – may be performed only with the permission of the motorhome owner.
5. Repair costs will be reimbursed if the motorhome owner is given the original invoice and the replace car parts. If the costs of repair are excessively high, the costs are reimbursed based on the prevailing price level in the Netherlands.

Article 10 Rest Provisions
1. Noorderzon Campers advises the hirer explicitly to take care for a appropriate travel insurance.
2. The motorhome owner has the right to terminate this agreement immediately and to take back the motorhome if the hirer fails to meet its obligations in these terms and conditions. This is possible without judicial intervention. The hirer must cooperate fully with this.
3. Noorderzon Campers and / or motorhome owner is not liable for indirect damages, consequential loss, immaterial damage, corporate and / or environmental damage including revenue and profits, loss, loss of market share,
production stagnation, investments etc.
4. If the hirer has parked a car on area of the motorhome owner, during the rental period, this is always on own risk of the hirer.

Article 11 Applicable law
1. On all our agreements Dutch law applies.
2. When a motorhome owner and hirer have a dispute, everything possible should be done to reach a solution before a judge on becomes involved.

Article 12 Validity conditions
1. The version of the terms and conditions at the time of making the reservation applies.
2. The Dutch text of the general conditions is decisive for the interpretation thereof.